Showa Exhibition
Living in the Showa Masterpiece

Houses by  Junzo Yoshimura, Isoya Yoshida and Kunio Maekawa.

This exhibition introduces three works representative of housing architecture during the Showa period (1926-1989). The Sonoda House by J.Yoshimura (1955), the Kurata House by I. Yoshida (1955) and the New Maekawa House (1974) by K. Maekawa.  
After been inhabited for more than 40 years, these houses retain the spirit of the Showa period and evidence the evolution of housing architecture in Japan. Through the presentation of photos, models as well as lectures and guided visits to the houses, the event aims to discuss the issues pertaining the conservation of housing architecture in Japan.

The exhibition was held at the galleria abitare from September 21 to October 21-2012.
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Kurata House - New Maekawa House - Sonoda House

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